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Raku Aum Macrame Hemp Bracelet Turquoise Gemstone by Psy-Sub
Raku Aum Macrame Hemp Bracelet Turquoise Gemstone
Etsy Shop: (item available) web
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The focal point on this bracelet is a ceramic cast Aum or "Om" Symbol pendant. The pendant has been fired with a iridescent glaze that gives it tints of green, turquoise, blue and purple for a very organic look.

The pendant is in the middle of a hand knotted micro macrame hemp bracelet I made using my softest and highest quality 48ply natural and turquise, 48 pounds in strength per strand. I used 10 strands to create an intricate lace like pattern.

Upon the bracelet you will find 4 beads. On either side of the pendant are 2 turquoise gemstone beads, which match the pendant and hemp colors perfectly.

The bracelet comes in the following sizes:

6.5" 16cm (small)
7" 18cm (medium)
7.5" 19cm (medium large)
8" 20cm (large)
8.5" 22cm (long)

Smaller & Child sizes also available.

Sizes above 8.5" 22cm are available, but may incur additional charges.

Aum or Om is a mystical or sacred syllable, having the meaning of "yes". It has the literal meaning of "It is" or "Will be". The name Omkara is also taken as a name of God. It is worn on this necklace to represent the manifestation of creation, and the divine influence that helps us along the way.

If you would like one made to fit, please put a note in the "message to seller" box when ordering with your custom size.
Triple Crystal Healing Necklace Aqua Aura Amethyst by Psy-Sub
Triple Crystal Healing Necklace Aqua Aura Amethyst
buy it in my Etsy Shop --->
item link:…

The macrame knots were created on this necklace using only the highest grade hemp in the world, Romanian hemp. It is black in color, 24ply and 100 pound test. It is very soft, mailable, and comfortable when worn. The comfort will only increase over time. The knot style is an alternating spiral that is mirrored symmetrically. 

The obvious focals of this piece are the 3 crystal points. We used 1 beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz and 2 A grade Amethyst point rocks, wrapped in sterling silver on either side, for a great "upper chakra" energy with the throat chakra and third eye, as well as a super "power" level for healing.

For beads, I used 6 gemstone beads. 2 large opalite beads, then 2 large amethyst beads, and 2 small opalite beads.

The length of the necklace is 20" and it closes with a stainless steel clasp, necklace is hypoallergenic. Please let me know if you would like a different clasp or a different size.


For those that are interested...GEMSTONE HEALING PROPERTIES!

Aqua Aura is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness. Aqua Aura assists with meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing by bringing more intense energy to the effort. Aqua Aura is particularly helpful for distance spiritual energy healing because of its ability to send energy. Aqua Aura can enhance communications of all kinds. It can also assist in conscious awareness of one's own motivations and patterns. Aqua Aura is said to attract success and prosperity, even possibly wealth. Aqua Aura is also used for protection from psychic attacks. Physically Aqua Aura is reputed to help with throat problems, stress-related illness, immune system deficiencies, and the thymus gland.

Aqua aura is quartz that is gold infused by taking 12 hours to heat the quartz to 1600F while setting a vacuum equal to 2 earth atmospheres, then letting chemically purified gold vapors into the chamber when the temperature and vacuum are correct. This bonds the gold to the lattice of the crystal, forming a permanent bond to the surface of the quartz and giving it an electric blue color.


Amethyst is a wonderful, versatile stone. Also, since amethyst is a type of quartz, it will also amplify any intention that is put into it. Use amethyst to help enhance any spiritual growth process, as it will protect in the process and excellerate and expenensiate the positive thought patterns towards any intention towards awakening.

Some simple definitions for its properties include: Increases nobility
Spiritual awareness
Psychic abilities
Inner peace and healing
Healing of body, mind & soul
Positive transformation

Relieves stress
Wow! Its been a while since I have been able to be on here, but I've missed my fellow geeky artists... and am ready to be "deviant" again. 


Jessie Matheny
United States
PSYSUB is a very small jewelry design company that is run by one person. The designer is Jessie Matheny, who had first started creating jewelry at the age of 11.

Jessie has revolutionized the diversity of hemp jewelry by taking it out of the only natural and hippie friendly category and expanding with various different styles. Many of these styles have not been done in hemp before, such at intricate Gothic chokers and elegant gemstone pieces, as well as combination's of bright colors and her own inventive knot styles.

Some other of her most famous hemp works include: Chakra lotus hemp necklaces, Celtic knotwork hemp necklaces using black hemp, magnetic gemstone hemp necklaces and bracelets, tie dye hemp pieces, psychedelic inspired hemp necklaces, handmade blown glass hemp necklaces, glass mushroom hemp necklaces with multi-colored hemp and lampwork beads, and more!

Psychedelic Subculture also makes creative fetish leather jewelry using designer print and vividly colored leathers, cut into Victorian patterns and used in combination with sturdy bondage metals, but keeping a comfortable fit with fuzzy faux fur backings. Much of our leather jewelry also appeals to the punk, Gothic, and heavy metal styles and is able to be worn as part of a great counter culture outfit.
Check out our currently available jewelry @ or e-mail us for custom items

Over 8,000 sales on Etsy and counting!
More updated items on Etsy currently. <--- Check Out My Etsy Shop! :-)

PSY SUB makes original and unique hemp jewelry to fit the individual with inspirations from the underground cultures of the past and today. We make jewelry that makes you stand out, and shows the world what your interested in.

Although most hemp jewelry is run of the mill, and you may think you've seen everything; Psysub aims to take a very broad spectrum of sub-culture styles and integrate them into an eco-friendly version.

Some of our more cutting edge designs include lace gothic chokers with pagan and fantasy pendants, black nacklaces with silver adornments, celtic and pagan alike.

Psysub also is the only hemp designer to combine the healing aspect with necklaces in the Magnetic and Gemstone category. Many have magnetic clasps and contain magnatized hematite beads, and even a flexible stainless steel middle of the necklace for durability and extreme magnetic power. Psysub likes to use carved gemstone pendants and crystal points with matching semi-precious stone beads. Very elegant.

Check out designs that have been inspired by the original premise of hemp jewelry also, like psychedelic inspired with mushrooms and rainbow hemp; phat hemp with blown glass pendants and lampwork beads. Natural and Earthy colors combined with bright colors as well. Ours are also very durable with clasps!

Jessie Matheny of PSY SUB has been creating jewelry for almost 10 years. She has sold 1000s of pieces to happy customers all over the US. She has been primarily known for spending her sunny summer days vending on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk since 2001. Now she uses the internet to bring these original designs to the online marketplace.

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